Psalm 2: Why do the nations rage?

Psalm 2

This psalm describes people who are “against the Lord and his Messiah.” They want to break the bonds – in other words – not submit to the authority of the Lord. Make their own rules. Do their own thing. Go their own way.

The result is that the people “rage.” When I looked up this word, it was really eye opening. To rage carries with it the idea of restlessness, loud gatherings, turmoil, violence.

👉 Rejection of God led to raging of the nations. And it still does.

But the Lord is still on the throne (vs 4) and he is not concerned or cowering in fear. He is laughing.

I immediately thought of Proverbs 31:25 which describes a woman who fears the Lord as laughing at the days to come. This is in contrast to those who would be anxious, concerned, and fearful.

👉 We can laugh because the Lord laughs. We can live free from fear of the future because the Lord holds no fear of the future.

In uncertain situations, children often look to their parents to determine how they should respond. If the adults are anxious and afraid, the children will be as well.

When we look at our circumstances – we can look to our Heavenly Father in complete control of it all and laughing at the days to come and we can do the same.

👉 Note: context is key when studying Scripture. The laughter is not in response to people’s pain or injustice, but to those who reject God’s authority and believe they are in control of God’s creation. Our laughter – likewise – is in the face of those who believe they will live apart from the leadership of the Lord without consequences.

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