Rainy Day Ramblings

I want my life to matter.

When others cross my path – I want their lives to be better for having spent time with me.

I want to make an actual, literal difference in this world.

I want to invest in people to the extent that my hands get dirty and my heart gets broken.

I want to use my words to uplift others and not weigh them down.

If other people know whether or not I wear a mask, who I’m voting for in November, if my kids will go to school – stay at home – or something in between, which sports team is my favorite, but haven’t heard from me that God adores them and sent his Son to die for them.

Then, I have failed miserably.

When I post my opinions – am I really trying to help others? Guide them? Love them? Or just air my opinions and condemn theirs?

If I really believed that posting something online would change someone’s heart and mind – wouldn’t I share the gospel more than gossip?

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