Psalm 1: How to be Happy

Psalm 1

With most people’s anxiety levels at an all time high, I love that the first word of our first Psalm is blessed or happy. Couldn’t we all use a little more happy?

  1. Do not follow the advice and ways of the wicked.
  2. Do not align yourself or take a stand with sinners.
  3. Do not keep company or be associated with scoffers other cynics.
  4. Do find your delight in God’s Word.
  5. Do meditate and dwell on God’s Word.

When you feel anxious – stop immediately and ask yourself – “What was I just thinking about that made me feel that way?” For me, it’s often circumstances I can’t change or problems I can’t fix.

And just look at the results of changing what we delight in and dwell upon.

  1. Fertile ground which means growth and new life.
  2. Fruitfulness which means productivity and purpose.
  3. Flourishing which means more than enough life and vitality.
  4. Favorable outcomes in life and relationships (See also Joshua 1:8.)

Imagine if those four things were present in your life – wouldn’t you be happy??

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