Exodus 33: In His Presence

Exodus 33

The people had not known a single moment without the Lord’s presence since leaving slavery in Egypt. His presence, provision, and protection were constants in their lives. Yet, because of their terrible sin, God makes a terrifying proclamation.

The people could have the land of promise but without the Lord’s presence. (Even that, mind you, was for their protection (verse 3!)

It was a total deal breaker for the people. They mourned greatly (verse 4.) Moses went even farther and said, “Lord, if you’re not going, I’m not going” (verse 15.)

Moses wanted the Lord more than anything else. When others stood back out of fear, Moses drew near to the thick darkness because God’s presence was everything (Exodus 20:21.)

Do we want the Lord more than anything? More than any person? More than any promised land? Would we, like Moses, refuse to take a single step if God wasn’t going too?

Here or there,
Go or stay.
In Your presence,
Lord, I pray.

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