Talk to Someone

Three times in two days. Three different people.

One at the bank.

One at the Y.

One at the Dollar General.

Conversations took place.

It turned out that the guy at the bank? He homeschooled four daughters, was a proud grandfather, and had a father who was passionate about martial arts.

The man at the Y had not been anywhere in months. He was a little lonely, misses his church family, and has a wife who avoids the gym like the plague.

The gentleman at the DG? Well, he had about enough of the heat, thinks winter is the best season, and has family in Columbus, Oh.

What’s my point? I had something in common with each of them. We are not so very different.

I also homeschool my daughters, enjoy martial arts with my children, have been a little lonely over the course of this mess, miss my church family, am totally over the heat, and have family in Columbus, Oh.

Three conversations that I would have, not only not initiated, but actively avoided in the past. But I asked the Lord to help me love my neighbor and, sometimes, the best way to begin is to start a conversation. People are desperate for connection right now. Talk to someone.

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