Exodus 26: From Separation to Salvation

Exodus 26

Sometimes, I read a chapter of Scripture and nothing jumps out at me. So, I move on to another chapter. I’m totally kidding. What I really do is re-read the chapter. And, if necessary, read it again.

I read this chapter a couple of times before one phrase finally stood out.

“And the veil shall separate…” Exodus 26:33


All through the Old Testament there is a separation between God and his people. Only the chief priest could enter the Holy of Holies and that was only allowed once a year. The veil shall separate…


But, when Jesus offered himself as the ultimate and perfect sacrifice, something amazing happened. The veil was torn…(Matthew 27:51) It was torn top to bottom, y’all. It was a spiritual shredding of the separation that existed between God and the people.


Because of Jesus, we have access to the Father. And when we turn to Jesus, the veil is removed from our hearts and our eyes (2 Corinthians 3:16-18.) We exchange our separation for salvation.

Separation 👉 Sacrifice 👉 Salvation

That is really good news.

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