Exodus 25: A Willing Heart

Exodus 25

It was time to build the Lord a sanctuary so that he could “dwell in their midst” (verse 8.) There were a variety of ways for the people to contribute.

Look at the list of items needed.

👉Precious metals (gold, silver, bronze)

You don’t have that? How about…

👉 Yarn or linen

No? How about…

👉Animal skins

Hmm, you don’t have that either?


You can give stones.

My point is that God could use whatever the people had to contribute. In fact, he had provided the very things that he was asking them to contribute (Exodus 12:35-36.)

We see, in verse 2, that the issue was not whether the people were able to give but were they willing to give. We will see this over and over through the planning/building of the sanctuary.

👉From every man whose heart moves him to give…Ex. 25:2
👉Whoever is of a generous heart…Ex. 35:5
👉Everyone whose heart stirred him…Ex. 35:21
👉All the men and women whose hearts moved them to bring anything…Ex. 35:29
👉Everyone whose heart stirred him up to come do the work…Ex. 36:2

They had the resources but did they have the heart? What is the Lord asking us to contribute? Whatever he asks – we are able – but are we willing?

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