Exodus 24: Rise Up

Exodus 24

God called out to Moses and told him to come up to meet with Him. While not the main point of the chapter, something has stuck with me today after reading this passage.

In 18 short verses, the concept of “going up” is mentioned six times.

“Come up to the Lord…” verse 1

Then [they] “went up.” verse 9

“Come up to me on the mountain…” verse 12

“Moses went up…” verse 13

“Moses went up…” verse 15

“Moses entered the cloud and went up…” verse 18

There is always a going up when we spend time with the Lord. Our spirits are lifted. Our gazes are raised. Our minds are set on things above.

It takes me all the way back to chapter 3 where in, verse eight, the Lord said that he had come down to bring them up. And I know that it’s a physical journey described in Exodus and that it is literally a higher elevation to go up to the mountain of God.

But there is also a spiritual rising up that takes place when we enter the Lord‘s presence.

Are you feeling down today? I would invite you to go up and seek the Lord.

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