Exodus 15: Remember What the Lord Has Done

Exodus 15

This chapter opens with a celebration! The sea had been parted. The people had been protected. The Lord was being praised.

Then, the people are led three days into the wilderness. When they couldn’t find water, they began to grumble and complain.

Can you imagine it?

Day 1 – The journey began and the people were elated. They just watched the Red Sea part on their behalf. Perhaps they were still humming the song of praise as they began walking.

Day 2 – “Is anyone else thirsty? Are we there yet? For crying out loud, is someone humming??”

Day 3 – Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

How quickly we forget what the Lord has already done for us and what he is capable of doing for us now.

Lord, when we are disturbed by our current view, help us to remember what we’ve seen you do.

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