Exodus 14: Go Forward

Exodus 14

Fear and faith. It’s a constant battle for many of us.

The people had been delivered from slavery and thought it would then be smooth sailing. Instead, they found themselves being chased by the same old enemy. Who can relate?

You think you have conquered that tendency to worry and, suddenly, there it is again.

You thought you kicked that bad habit but, out of the blue, the old urging shows up.

Maybe it’s an old hurt that you were certain was healed but someone says something and the wound feels fresh.

When the children of Israel faced their old enemy – Pharaoh and the Egyptians – they feared greatly (verse 10.) They began crying out to the Lord and God’s response spoke loudly to me today.

“Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.” (Verse 15)

Fear makes us freeze.
Faith moves us forward.

See, the people already knew what to do. They had been told where to camp. But they were paralyzed with fear. They just needed the reminder to take another step. To keep moving forward. To just do the next thing.

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