Exodus 13: Somewhere Between Deliverance and Delight

Exodus 13

Imagine celebrating deliverance from the hardest season of your life only to find yourself camped out on the edge of the wilderness.

You have been delivered (verse 3.)

You have been promised delight (verse 5, 11.)

But, at this moment, you’re somewhere in between (verse20.)

The reality is that this is where we find ourselves. We, as followers of Christ, have been set free from our sin, shame, and the things that formerly enslaved us. We have the hope of heaven, the promise of glory, and the certainty of eternity with God.

But, at this moment, we are somewhere in between.

And it’s difficult to live in between.

But the same God that walked day and night with the children of Israel through the wilderness (verse 22) walks with us.

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