Exodus 5: When Obedience Doesn’t Produce the Result We Wanted

Exodus 5

Moses and Aaron did exactly as the Lord directed. And things got worse.

Harder work. (Verse 9)

Have you ever felt like you did exactly what God was telling you to do and things got worse? Yeah, me too.

Moses’ words to God make my heart hurt because I feel them deeply.

“Why, Lord?” Not once, but twice, in verse 22. “Why?”

I did my part, Moses declared. And you, God? Well, you have not delivered your people at all. (Verse 23)

Whoa. “God, I did my part and you didn’t hold up your end of the deal.”

Now, we know the rest of the story. Moses did not.

It made me think, “How do I respond when my obedience doesn’t produce the result I expected?”

When I listened and followed and did the hard thing and nothing changed? Or things got worse?

Chapter 6 starts with the greatest words in Scripture. I won’t jump there until tomorrow but will leave you with a teaser…

“But the Lord…”

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