How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

One of my greatest mistakes in terms of Bible study as it relates to social media is reading the Bible in order to have something to post. When a daily post becomes my motivation – my heart is not in the right place.

The same is true when I am working on a book, magazine article, or even a message for my ladies Bible study. The study of Scripture becomes a means to an end and that, my friends, isn’t good.

So, I thought I would share my secret for keeping the main thing the main thing in my heart.

I am always reading something that isn’t for sharing. Whether it’s a daily devotion or a certain book of the Bible separate from what I may be working through online. There has to be something that is just Jesus and me.

Think about it. If I am only being fed what I am turning around and offering to others – I will end up empty.

So, for those of us who love to share our Bible insights online or via group studies, let’s not forsake the one-on-one time when it’s just Jesus and us. ❤️

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