Exodus 4: For When We Just Don’t Want to Obey

Exodus 4

“They won’t believe me.”

Moses’ first reason to disobey God was “them.”

“I don’t speak very well.”

Moses’ second reason to disobey God was “him.”

“Send someone else.”

The reality was that he simply didn’t want to do it.

Isn’t it easy to come up with reasons to justify our disobedience when God calls us to something uncomfortable? When he pricks our heart to share the gospel with someone? When he convicts us regarding our behavior? When we feel led to apologize?

👉What uncomfortable thing is God calling you to do?

What if we skipped all of the excuses – the attempts to justify our disobedience – and were just honest with God. What if we said, “God, I don’t want to obey you in this, but I want to want to obey you.”

He will meet you in that place of humility and honesty and help you walk with him.

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