Exodus 3: For When You’re Feeling Down

Exodus 3

In today’s reading (I’m doing a chapter a day in Exodus for 40 days) is the wonderful reminder of God’s awareness of his people’s pain.

I have surely seen the affliction…

I have heard their cry…

I know their sufferings…

But we see something more. We see that, not only is he aware, but he takes action.

“And I have come down…” vs 8

That is a promise of deliverance.

“…to bring them up…”

That is a promise of delight.

Those words hit me in a fresh way this morning. God came down to bring them up. And He came down again, in the flesh, to bring you and I up.

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

He came down to bring us up. To do more than bring deliverance. To bring delight.

👉What has you down today?

Spend time with the Lord today and allow him to bring you up.

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