Exodus 2: In Your Days of Groaning

During those many days… Exodus 2:23

Many days of bitterness. Many days of burdens. Many days of disappointment. Many days of discouragement.

I don’t know what your “many days” include.

Many days of heartache. Many days of hardship. Many days of longing. Many days of loneliness.

I don’t know the pain behind your groaning.

Here is what I know – because the Bible tells me so.

“God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant… God saw the people of Israel and God knew.” Exodus 2:24-25

God hears you.

God remembers every promise he has ever made to you in his Word.

God sees you.

And, friend, God knows all about it.

Your God is not idle or indifferent. He is working all things according to his plans and purposes. Keep your gaze on God.

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