A Mix of Memories

Claw machines filled to the brim at the local truck stop. Bowling alley jukeboxes playing Dan Seals’ Bop.

Putting my quarters on the pool table to claim the next game. Knowing all of The Highwaymen by name.

In Grandma’s kitchen singing On the Road Again. Knowing daddy would come home but not knowing when.

Fried green tomatoes on soft white bread. Snapping green beans with mom right up until bed.

Little league baseball in the warm spring sun. Blue Moon ice cream after the game was won.

Boot shaped mugs holding root beer floats. Trick or treat costumes under big, winter coats.

Sauerkraut and chicken fried steak tasting great in my mouth. So much about me a blending of north meets south.

Ohio. South Carolina. Tennessee. Mississippi. Alabama. Kentucky. Become all mixed up in my memory.

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