What Prevents Peace

The rich young ruler. He is one of those individuals in Scripture that we sometimes judge. Jesus told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor and the young man walked away. And he walked away sad. Why? Because he had a lot of stuff.

He knew all the commandments.

He did all the things.

But his heart wasn’t fully devoted to the Lord.

But, before we shake our heads and point our fingers, let’s do a little plank removal.

I know the commandments as well.

I do all the things as well – in terms of what might be expected of a Christian. Church attendance. Tithing. Read the Bible.

And, yet… aren’t there times when I don’t have peace? When I feel far from the Lord? When I stray?

In those moments, I put myself in the shoes of the rich, young ruler and ask, “What is it the Lord is asking me to do that I am refusing to do and walking away sad?”

Maybe it’s forgiving someone.

Or seeking forgiveness.

Or turning from that sin.

Or volunteering my time.

Or humbling myself enough to enter the church building.

If I know all the things mentally and am doing all the things outwardly but still lack the peace that I know is available to me – it’s time to check my heart. What am I clinging to more tightly than Jesus? Because that thing? It will prevent peace every time.

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