What do we do with the hard sayings of Jesus?

This is a hard saying…

That’s what many of the disciples said and they walked away from Jesus. And, in my flesh, I am the same.

Love your enemy. Not simply, “don’t hate them back.” But love them.

Forgive those who offend you. Not just the ones who are sorry. Not just the little offenses. Forgive everyone.

In this world, you will have trials and tribulation. Even when you follow me. Especially when you follow me.

In my flesh, I would say, “This is a hard saying,” and walk away.

But, in my spirit, I am Peter saying, “Lord, to where would I go? You are everything.”

And, so I follow. I love my enemy – not perfectly as I wish. I forgive and, often, have to remind myself that I’ve forgiven. I endure trials and tribulations knowing that triumph is coming for those who keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Accept the hard sayings. Do the hard things. Walk the narrow, less traveled path. You won’t be sorry.

“I never met a man who accepted Christ and regretted it.” (Billy Graham.)

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