6 Things To Do in a Day of Disaster

Same coffee cup. Same red pen. Same beautiful book.

Let’s look at 2 Chronicles 20:1-17. It’s really good.

It opens with Jehoshaphat being told that a mighty enemy is coming against him. Scripture tells us that Jehoshaphat was afraid (vs 3.) In response to his fear, he set his face to seek the Lord and is reminded of Who God is (vs 6) and what God has done (vs 7.)

With those things in mind, we are then given 6 things to do if disaster comes upon us (vs 9.)

  1. Stand before the Lord (vs 9.) When we are afraid – we go to the Lord. Not the news. Not our neighbor. We take our fear to our Father.
  2. We cry out to God (vs 9.) We pray. We don’t panic. We don’t post online. We don’t point fingers. We pray.
  3. We keep our eyes on God (vs 12.) We keep our gaze on things that are true. Scripture over social media.
  4. We do not allow fear to have a foothold (vs 15, 17.) We avoid things that trigger that feeling in us. Meditate on Scripture and not statistics.
  5. We stand firm in our faith (vs 17.) “A faith that fizzles before the finish was flawed at the first” (DL Moody.)
  6. Look for the Lord at work (vs 17.) God is always at work. He is not a spectator to our suffering. If we have a desire to see Him – we will see Him everywhere.

You are loved.

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