Sermon on the Mount (Day 1/40)

I’m joining @jesusjournaljunkies in a study of the Sermon on the Mount as we make our way to Easter this year. This week we are looking at 5 different passages that invite us to dig deeper into the idea of “Blessed are the poor in spirit.”

•makarios: blessed, happy, fortunate

•are/is: the blessings are present tense

•ptōchos: dependent on others, humble, helpless, powerless, needy

•pneuma: spirit, inner being, way of thinking, mind, intellectual frame of mind

•basileia: kingdom, in his kingdom, for his work, in his service

Blessed are the poor – those who have few earthly possessions, little earthly power.

Those who are not blessed with stuff can be blessed in spirit – in the way they think, reason, and discern.

These people who come from a place and posture of humility are perfectly suited to be in the service of Christ and to be a part of His Kingdom.

How blessed (happy, fortunate) are the ones whom the Lord can use to bring Himself glory.

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