When Loving Well Means Risking Rejection

My middle child. My miracle almost-died-in-the-womb-didn’t-speak-until-she-was-three child. As I embark on this 2020 journey to learn what it means to love my neighbor, she is a shining example of loving others well.

Whatever task I’m working on – within seconds – she will ask to help. She is a crazy hard worker. She is tender hearted. She is friends with all types of people and loves them genuinely and without prejudice.

When we joined a new church a few years ago, I was nervous for her. Every Sunday she would ask, “Can I sit with…?” I feared she would be rejected. Ignored. Embarrassed. But I continually said, “Yes,” because loving others sometimes means putting ourselves out there and risking the rejection. And, you know what? She has developed the sweetest friendships.

She will accomplish great things for the Kingdom because she loves others so well. And I’m taking notes.

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