4 Elements to the Pardoning of Sin

“For your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my guilt, for it is great.”

I’ve been thinking about what it means for God to pardon my sin. Legally speaking, there are four key elements to a pardon.

1. The person is, in fact, guilty of a crime.

2. A pardon can only be done by someone with the authority to do so. A governor or president.

3. Any remaining penalties or punishment are removed.

4. There can never be any new charges/punishment for the crime that was pardoned.

Maybe it’s the Criminal Justice major in me, but I saw God’s forgiveness in a whole new way. I was truly guilty of offending a holy God. Only He has the authority to pardon my sin. The penalty of that sin (my death) has been removed. No one (enemy / person) can bring the punishment back for the thing that has been pardoned.

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