Prayer Journals

I was going through some old journals – you know, the old school paper kind – and one little phrase caught my attention.

Sarah’s speech.

It was in a long list of prayers. After “Please, Lord, let this baby sleep through the night.” Before “Make me more patient.”

Sarah’s speech.

It would seem like an ordinary, no big deal note. There weren’t any exclamation points at the end. No highlights or underlines. Just two little words – but it was everything to me.

My Sarah was almost three when I wrote those words. Almost three and had not yet uttered a word. It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand her or that she couldn’t say much. She said nothing.

This child who almost died in my womb but was preserved by the Lord was silent and it terrified me. So, I prayed.

Here’s the thing. I don’t remember writing those words. I don’t know where I was or what state of mind I was in at the time. I don’t remember praying that specific prayer. All I know is that, a couple months later, I was teaching my 5 yr old her ABCs when I heard a soft voice echoing me. I held my breath and she continued. A – B – C…

As I looked at the words in that old journal – Sarah’s speech – I wondered, “Did I ever thank You, Lord?” Did I ever acknowledge that I witnessed a miracle? That God had leaned in to hear a prayer I don’t even remember praying, was moved with compassion, and chose to grant me my heart’s desire? That an almost three year old who didn’t speak has become a ten year old who sings and plays guitar.

Can I just encourage you, sweet friends, to keep a prayer journal? You think you’ll remember all the things, but you won’t. You’ll experience miracles and won’t recognize them. It’s good to look back and think, “Lord, did I ever thank You for that?”

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