Jesus Did It First

Everything is upside down in God’s Kingdom. The first shall be last. The least shall be greatest. He who humbles himself will one day be exalted. And this backwards way of living begins here on earth.

Bless those who persecute you.

Love your enemy.

Forgive those who aren’t sorry.

Pray for those who hurt you.

It isn’t easy. It doesn’t always feel fair. Our flesh wants to respond in anger and bitterness.

Yet, we have this example of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples many who, out of fear, would abandon him. One, out of greed, would betray him. And he humbles himself, washes their feet, and says, “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done.” (John 13:15)

It isn’t fair. It isn’t fun. It isn’t at all what our flesh wants to do. But we can humble ourselves and serve those who may abandon or betray us knowing Jesus did it first.

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