Be Prepared

It happens every single year. Summer begins to come to an end and I keep telling myself to check the status of my children’s fall wardrobes. I need to make sure they are prepared for colder temperatures.

Then, one morning, I wake to an inch of snow on the ground and one kid whose winter coat no longer fits and another that only owns sandals and flip flops. Let me say that, once cold weather has arrived, is not the best time to begin preparing for it.

Likewise, once a trial or tragedy has arrived is not the time to begin preparing ourselves for it. It’s far harder at that point. We need to know, in advance, what we know to be true of God. We need to be certain, beforehand, of what Scripture says about Him and His love for us.

We make it far harder on ourselves when we enter a cold season unprepared. Take a moment today and consider what you know to be true of God. What truths and promises would bring you strength and comfort in a difficult time? Be prepared, sweet friends.

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