3 Things You Can Do This Week to Love Your Neighbor

For those who missed yesterday’s “front porch pondering” session on my Insta page – I’ve come up with a 3-step process for beginning to love your neighbor.

1. PRAY – Loving others well will always begin with prayer. Ask God to open your eyes to opportunities to love, serve, and encourage others.

2. PREPARE – If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Take the initiative to leave space in your schedule to spend extra time with someone. If we don’t have time to love others – we are too busy. Always have extra ingredients in the pantry to throw together a last minute meal for someone struggling.

3. PERFORM – Let’s be doers of the Word. Talking and planning are pointless if we never follow through.

So, there is our jumping off point if we want to love our neighbors but aren’t sure where to begin.

Pray. Prepare. Perform.

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