A Proverb a Day (10/31)

Let’s keep talking about the difference between the speech of the wise and the speech of the wicked. Today we are on Proverbs 10.

We’ve been told that the words of the foolish are loud but essentially empty. They are seductive but ultimately unsatisfying.

The lips of the righteous, on the other hand, feed many (verse 21.) The righteous will speak words that are substantial and meaningful.

Who is hearing our words? Are they being fed? Or are they left hungry for hope, encouragement, truth?

Another aspect of foolish/wicked speech is that the danger is often not in what is being said, but in what isn’t being said. Look at verses 11 and 18. They conceal, or hide, violence and hatred.

The lips of the righteous feed many. Proverbs 10:21

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