A Proverb a Day (8/31)

Today’s proverb focuses on wisdom. And what I love is that wisdom is not overpowered by the wicked woman described in the previous proverbs.

Wisdom also calls out to us. Wisdom also raises her voice in the streets. Wisdom is also visible and prominent within the town.

Verse 2 is my favorite because it says that wisdom takes her stand at the crossroads. She is there at a pivotal place to help people choose the correct path.

How will we distinguish wisdom from wickedness? The way they use their words are vastly different! Wisdom will be recognized by her righteous, noble, true words. “All” her words are righteous and there is “nothing” twisted or crooked about them.

Compare that with what we found out about the forbidden woman’s words in Proverbs 5. Big difference!

What would it look like for us to live with wisdom? Our voices would be heard speaking truth and our lives would be visible within our communities. Our words would be noble, righteous, and true. And we would be found taking our stand at the crossroads of life pointing others to the way of wisdom.

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