A Proverb a Day (7/31)

The father in Proverbs has been warning his son over and over about the dangers of straying from the good path. In chapter 4, he tells him to not go on the path of the wicked.

Actually, he says, “Avoid it. Do not go on it. Turn away from it. Pass it on by.” Seems pretty clear.

Then, in today’s proverb, he tells his son about a young man who got too close to the wrong path. He chose to pass, not only on the street of the forbidden woman, but on her very corner. He was in the wrong place.

He chose to go there in the evening – during a time of darkness. He was there at the wrong time.

We do the same thing. We think we can play with our sin. Toy with it. Dabble in it. We convince ourselves that it’s no big deal. But we greatly underestimate the enemy.

The enemy is loud, difficult to predict, always on the move, aggressive, persuasive, and deadly (Proverbs 7:11-23.) And, while we may think we’re playing around, the enemy is playing for keeps.

“Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” (John Owen)

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