A Proverb a Day (5/31)

I’m on my way to speak at a women’s conference, but I couldn’t leave without reading this morning’s proverb. I am thrilled with the number of you reading along!

Proverbs 5 is a warning against unfaithfulness. Though the father is specifically warning is son of the dangers of adultery, it serves as a clear warning for all of us. We are all capable of being led astray from our devotion to Christ.

Verse 3 tells us that the forbidden woman is flattering and persuasive with her words. She is able to lead well-intentioned people astray. Sadly, in the end, her words prove hollow and lead only to destruction (vs 4-5.)

This is why so much emphasis has been made in previous proverbs on the importance of wisdom and discernment. We must be able to recognize and reject words that are intended to flatter us and woo us away from the good path.

Help us to remain faithful to you, Lord.

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