👉Isaiah 55

Are you thirsty (in need, needy, desperate)? Are you without money (with nothing to offer, empty handed)? Have you spent money on that which is not bread (made poor decisions financially, relationally, etc)? Have you labored for things that don’t satisfy (spent your energy, efforts, emotions on things that don’t matter, make an eternal difference)?

God says, “Come.”

👉Matthew 11:28

Are you weary (physically, emotionally, spiritually)? Are you heavy laden (carrying burdens, overwhelmed by responsibilities)? Jesus says, “Come.”

If we call ourselves Christ-followers, our message must also be, “Come.” We are told to come and to invite others to come (Revelation 22:17.)

We should be engaging, not avoiding, those who are needy, empty handed, living with the consequences of poor decisions, throwing their energy and efforts after things that don’t satisfy, weary, worn, and bowed under the weight of their burdens.

To those we, the bride of Christ, say, “Come. There is room at the table for you.”

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