Journey with Job Pt. 2

So much goodness in the book of Job. Always has been one of my favorites.

This time, however, God is revealing some things to me – some feelings I’ve been harboring against Him. And, regarding specific circumstances in my life, I’ve had to ask myself two questions.

👉Do I trust God? His character, timing, motives, promises, etc.

👉Is it possible (insert sarcastic emoji here) that God sees, knows, and understands things that I am simply not capable of seeing, knowing, and understanding?

Then, with the answers to those questions in mind, I read these words from #jdgreear in #notgodenough. ”Do I have the perspective required to blow a whistle and call ’foul’ on God?”

The answer is ”No.”

Which takes me back to question one. Do I trust God?

And that answer is ”yes.”

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