F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 30-31

God called Bezalel to a specific task. And then God gave him all that He would need to accomplish the task.

👉God called him and, then, filled him with the Holy Spirit.

👉God then gave him the ability, intelligence, knowledge, craftsmanship, and creativity to do the task to God’s specifications.

👉Then, God gave him a man to work alongside him. {Just like He called Aaron to work alongside Moses.}

👉Then, God gave ALL MEN ability that they may have a part in the work being done.

What this tells me, friends, is that God knows how to handle His business. He didn’t pull your name out of a hat and hope you were up to whatever task He was about to give you.

Wherever God has you and whatever He has called you to – He will equip you thoroughly to accomplish it.

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