When Jesus Says, “Try Again.”

Jesus tells them to put out their nets to catch some fish. The weary and worn fishermen reply with, “We just tried that. It didn’t work.”

But, because Jesus asked them, they tried again and caught so many fish the nets were breaking.

What is it that you are trying to do on your own and you’re just failing miserably?

👉Make peace with someone? 👉Fix your marriage? 👉Find meaning or purpose for your life? 👉Find healing for an old wound? 👉Make a Kingdom impact? 👉Be a better parent? 👉Forgive someone?

What is that thing that you feel like you’ve “toiled all night and took nothing?”

The difference between the men fishing the first time and the second was Jesus. Jesus can turn our nothing into nets that are bursting at the seams. But we have to be willing, like Simon, to say, “I’ve tried it already, Lord, but at your Word I’ll try it again.”

Jesus can make the difference.

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2 thoughts on “When Jesus Says, “Try Again.”

  1. Wow! God just spoke to me through your words. I was just thinking why would other people want to choose to be a Christian when the life as a believer is so hard. It is not easy. Most days I don’t feel God’s Love, but I know He loves me. I just wondered why would anyone want this life. But as you said if Jesus tells us to keep trying, we keep trying. It’s not about me or how I feel. It’s about Jesus. Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you. 🥰

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