#F260 Bible Reading: Exodus 6-7

God was offering the people freedom and deliverance. He was offering them Himself. But they wouldn’t listen.

Two things stood in the way of the people believing and accepting what was offered to them: harsh circumstances and broken spirits.

It’s difficult to imagine a life of deliverance and delight when all you know is oppression and bitterness. We want to shake people and say, “Can’t you see?!?” But the reality is that, no, they can’t see.

Sometimes, it’s frustrating because we can’t always change a person’s harsh circumstances. The enemy will whisper, “Why bother? Nothing will change.”

But here is what the Lord has been speaking to me lately that ties in beautifully with this passage.

What if we worked on mending broken spirits? Because there is where we find common ground. We may not share a single life circumstance but, by golly, we all know heartache and brokenness. We can meet one another there.

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