F260 Bible Plan – Genesis 3-4

What made Eve so easily wooed by the enemy? Could you or I be next?

In today’s #f260 reading, I see three weaknesses in Eve’s relationship with God that left her wide open for Satan’s attack.

👉Eve did not know God’s Word like she should (Genesis 3:1.) The same goes for us. We can’t recognize and refuse lies if we don’t know truth.

👉Eve did not fear God like she should (Genesis 3:4.) Satan convinced Eve that God wouldn’t follow through on the promised punishment for disobedience. This can easily be true of us when we make light of our sin. We convince ourselves that God won’t punish us for our outright disobedience whether it be greed, gossip, envy, etc.

👉Eve didn’t trust God like she should (Genesis 3:5.) Satan convinced Eve that God was withholding something good from her – something that she deserved – something that would surely make her life better. This is an easy trap to fall into if we don’t know and trust the character of our Father.

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