Keep Carrying Them

I think we all have that one prayer – the one that our hearts refuse to give up on. The enemy would love for us to quit asking – perhaps even to grow a little bitter. But I always come back to this.

The man was lame from birth. He’s now over 40 years old. And, daily, someone carried him to the temple gate. Someone physically carried him every day. Until, one day, he encountered Jesus.

👉Sometimes, we’re the lame man. Praying daily – maybe, at first, for healing. Then, perhaps, we begin praying to just get what we need to make it through the day. Maybe we get to the place where the real need – the big need – seems too much to ask for anymore. But Jesus knows what we need even when we’ve grown weary of asking.

👉Sometimes, we are the one helping bear the burden. Someone we love, know, or do life with has a need. We are the ones carrying our loved ones to the Lord daily. Don’t grow weary in doing good for *at the proper time* you will reap a harvest *if you don’t give up* (Galatians 6:9.)

👉And, sometimes, we are Peter. We encounter someone with a grave need. An illness that we can’t heal. Brokenness that we can’t restore. Loss that we can’t make whole. BUT – we offer what we can (Acts 3:6.) We give them Jesus.

One more note from yesterday’s reading. The enemy is all about the shame game. He will try to convince you to hide (think Adam and Eve in the garden.) He will tell you that confession will bring condemnation.

This is why we need to know truth.

Because that is not what God’s Word says at all. Read Acts 3:19-20. Peter tells the people that repentance brings refreshment! It brings release because Christ is about setting people free.

Go be free, my friend.

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