Forgiving When You Can’t Forget

I’ll be honest. I’ve always struggled with forgiveness. I’ve followed Christ for 33 years and I just couldn’t figure it out.

“Forgive and forget,” they say.

“It’s releasing them from a debt they can’t pay.”

“Harboring unforgiveness is like drinking a poison and hoping the other person dies.”

All very poetic thoughts, but completely unhelpful in my opinion. Because I still didn’t know what it looked like to forgive someone. I would feel like I had forgiven someone, but then a fresh wound would remind me of the old one. Or something would cause the old hurt to ache like a bad knee when a storm is about to roll in. And I would realize that I hadn’t forgotten and it would make me think I hadn’t forgiven.

The enemy is a slick one, y’all.

This morning, RT Kendall gave an amazing sermon on forgiveness and it was the most practical take on it. And now I can respond in a godly manner when Satan wants to remind me of past hurts.

He can remind me of the offense and I will remind him that it’s forgiven. I will not delight in the distress of the one who wounded me. I will not continually share the offense with others in an attempt to shame the offender.

👆All things I didn’t realize I was doing, by the way.

“Forgiveness will change your life”, Dr. Kendall said. Let it be so, Lord.

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