Where else would I go?

Today’s reading: John 6

Many of Jesus’ disciples turn away. They were only there for the physical and material benefits so, as soon as things became uncomfortable, they left.

It reminds me of God leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land. Scripture tells us that there was an easier route (Exodus 13:17.) But God didn’t take them that way because he knew that, when things became difficult, the people would turn back if they were able.

That’s what these disciples did. And Jesus turns to his 12 – his inner circle – and asks, “Do you want to go as well?” I love Peter’s response. “Lord, where else would we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Where else would I go?

Where am I tempted to turn when life is hard? When I haven’t yet received the thing for which I’ve prayed? When the answer is “no?”

The children of Israel did desire to go back just as God said they would. The enemy convinced them that they would be returning to comfortable beds, pots of meat, and fresh water. The truth was, however, all that awaited them was slavery.

Turning back from Jesus always leads back to bondage.

Lord, where else would we go? For you hold the words of eternal life.

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