Love, Mercy


These men in Mark 2 literally carried their friend to Jesus. Through the crowd and through the roof – nothing was going to stop them. When is the last time I was that intense and intentional about bringing others to Christ? What if someone else’s healing and/or forgiveness was dependant on my faith?


Have you ever read about Jesus reclining at a meal with sinners and tax collectors and thought, “Isn’t that just a beautiful picture of mercy?” What occurred to me today is that it takes no less mercy for Jesus to welcome me at the table. It isn’t sinners and tax collectors being invited to dine with Christ and me.

It’s the fallen and the forgiven invited to sit with Him. It’s the wrecked and the redeemed, both undeserving, yet breaking bread together with Jesus. It is only the mercy of God that offers me a seat.


You are loved.

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