What to do When Everyone Around You is Losing Their Minds

Has there ever been a time when we have been more obsessed with what everyone else is thinking, doing, watching, eating, etc.? My internet was down for about an hour the other day and I almost had to go to sleep without my final Facebook check. What if someone had posted a picture of their bedtime snack and I missed it?!? It was a close call, my friends.


Seriously, the emotion on the ol’ internet can be a bit overwhelming. It’s possible that we have gotten ourselves a little too invested in what our friends think. Please don’t hear any condemnation here. Hello, kettle. Pot, here.

There are times I want to reach through my computer screen and, one woman to another, yell, “Buy yourself a diary, sweetheart!” Oversharing is a real thing, y’all.

In 2 Timothy, Paul warns believers about some evils to come. He speaks of deceivers and swindlers, gossips and abusers, those who are conceited and reckless. On and on it goes and, with every word, we could probably name a person with that trait.

Lack of self-control? You know that describes so-and-so and she probably doesn’t know it so I should take to the Twitter and call her out. Preach it, Paul. Should I tag her on my Facebook post or, perhaps, I’m gonna need a whole blog to truly shine the light on her wrongs?

Yeah, we read a passage like that and our focus is quick to go to others. But Paul sets his readers straight pretty quickly.

But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed… 2 Timothy 3:14

And there is where I stopped.


As for you…

Whatever craziness is swirling around – whatever foolishness is being shared – whatever fear is spreading like wildfire – whatever other people are choosing to do, say or think…

As for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed.

When the gossip is flowing and the anger is rising…

As for you…

When folks begin to panic and the news is downright scary…

As for you…

When tongues are wagging, fingers are pointing and you’re feeling under attack…

As for you…

Nothing that happens externally changes what has already happened internally. We know what we have learned and we know what we believe and that is our focus regardless of how we’re feeling.

You are loved, sweet friends. Have a great week.

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