Mom Talk Monday: Are we there, yet?

Mom TalkIf you have ever been on a road trip with your children you know that, within five minutes of leaving the driveway, the dreaded question will be asked.

Are we there, yet?

I’m curious. How do you respond? Because my husband and I? We have different philosophies on this one.

Here is how it goes down in our car.


Child: Are we there, yet?

Me: Almost, honey.

Hubs: No, actually we are not almost there.

Me: Well, we are closer than we were when we left.

Hubs: Yes, but we are still far away. Far, far away.


I am trying to put a positive spin on it. I have the best of intentions, y’all. {Yes, yes, yes – I know all about the dangers of good intentions.} My husband, on the other hand, feels honesty is the best policy. Also, once you give them the impression that they are almost there, they stare out of the window expecting to see Granny’s house around every turn. They miss the beauty of the journey because they are uber-occupied with the destination.

Also, if I am absolutely honest, I usually have no idea if we are almost there or not. I can not read a map to save my life. Just ask any of my former bosses.

I also have to confess that, when my husband informs them that we are, in fact, nowhere near being there – they find things to do. They watch a movie, read a book, make up games, eat snacks, etc. They enjoy the journey much more.

Are we there, yet?

It seems like, my entire life, I have been hearing people say that Jesus is coming back any day. You know what I think? I think people have been saying that ever since He left. I think it is what we long for and, therefore, are constantly looking for.

Life beats us down. We get weary and worn. Someone hurts our feelings. The baby won’t sleep. The barista misspelled our name on the cup. World news terrifies us. Loved ones leave us. We beat our chests and cry out, “Lord, are we there yet? Have we made it to the point in time when You will return and end all of madness?”

There are many who will pat us on the head and say, “Yes, child. We are almost there.” Then, we begin looking at the sky completely focused on the rescue to come. I am guilty of making those promises to myself. He is coming at any moment, Stacy. You’re almost there.

Here’s the thing, though. We may not be almost there.We may be closer than we were, but still far away. We do not know where we are on the journey. Is this the final leg? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Work until I come.

In the book of Luke, Jesus tells a parable about a nobleman who was going to a far country. He gathered ten of his servants and gave them each some money with one instruction.

Calling ten of his servants, he gave them ten minas, and said to them, “Engage in business until I come.” – Luke 19:13

He did not say to stand in the doorway, stare off into the distance and look for his return. He did not say to look for signs or study the skies in an attempt to guess when he would return.

The instruction was to work. For how long? Until he returned. That was all the information they needed.

Are we there, yet?

I could, with the best of intentions mind you, say, “Almost, honey.” The truth, however, is that nobody knows. Perhaps, we should stop spending so much time staring at the skies and simply work until He comes.

Y’all are loved.

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