What Facebook Has Taught Me About Friendship

Family matters, grace based parenting, stacy edwards

I will be the first to admit that social media has gotten out of control. There are folks who have absolutely no filter in place and feel free, or even entitled, to express every thought that enters their brain. People are talking about things on which they have no knowledge. They are posting things that would make their grandmothers blush. People are sharing stories that are not theirs to share. Things have gotten somewhat crazy, y’all.

In the midst of it all, however, there is some good. As I think about my use of Facebook, I realize that it has actually taught me some important lessons on friendship. It has opened my eyes to what friendship is and what it is not. And it has opened my heart to who can and can not be a friend.

Join me over on the FAMILY MATTERS blog and I will share three things that Facebook has taught me about friendship. See you there and be sure to share! 🙂

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