A Mama is a Mama is a Mama

I saw your stilettos as soon as they entered the room. I was hunched over trying to retrieve my two year old from under someone else’s chair. I could not help but notice the mulch from the playground stuck to the bottom of my dirty tennis shoes.


I sat up and took notice of your sleek, pencil skirt and crisp, white blouse. I found myself slouching even more than usual in a feeble attempt to disappear into the metal chair. Suddenly, I felt very uncomfortable in my t-shirt with the spit up on the shoulder and my nylon pants with the stain on one leg.

You were staring at your phone as if some urgent email or time sensitive text was going to come through at any moment. I glanced at mine knowing that the only email I had received in three days was from the local shoe store advertising a “buy one get one half off” sale. I bought four pair – none of which were stilettos and two of which had cartoon characters.


Your floral perfume made its way across the room. It was light and feminine. Meanwhile, I smelled like a day at the park with a little regurgitated formula thrown in for good measure.

Your phone rang and I listened as you chatted with a friend. You discussed the latest happenings at the office and made plans for another girls night out. I wasn’t jealous. I just had a girls night out last week. Well, technically, it was just a trip to the grocery store and there weren’t any other girls with me. It was dark outside, however, and I did bump into a few other ladies who had apparently also sneaked out for an after-bedtime trip to the Walmart.


For just a moment, you closed your eyes. You looked tired. I knew I was tired. Then, you took a drink of the coffee in your hand. I looked down at the coffee in mine. We made eye contact and exchanged a tired-mama smile. As we drank our coffee – you with your manicure and make-up and me with my broken nails and pony tail – I realized that you and I are just not that different.

Solidarity, sister.

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    Thank you! As a Mom of four I’ve had those days. As a word of encouragement to those still young and new moms, try to enjoy the moment it will soon be gone. It does get easier and we only have them for a short time and then they will be grown.:)

  3. You are great! I also once liked stilettos, even wore them too. Now that I am not ‘crawling under chairs’ anymore, I am still not wearing those. My legs unlearned to walk with it. Sigh. Now I know how to wear sneakers and play cricket. 🙂 And get to hand the hanging of curtains over to the son who has long over taken my height – with or without stilettos. 🙂 🙂
    True ‘they’ might look crisp and together but they too are just Mommies who love their kiddos. Maybe ‘we’ need to look more at how we can live with each other than at how ‘they’ are different and what ‘they’ have or not having to deal with.

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