When the Kids are Away, the Mama will Play

The kids went to Yaya’s house yesterday and, for a brief moment, I couldn’t recall any of the things that I always say I’ll do if only I had a moment alone. Luckily, after a few minutes of staring at the walls, I was able to pull myself together and figure it out.


So, I made a cup of coffee and drank it before it had a chance to get cold.

Then, I made another.

I took a shower with water that was hot. No one barged in to ask me a question or tell me a joke. No little person opened the door and then disappeared allowing all of the steam to leave the room.

I went to Target and ate popcorn without a two year old sticking her snot encrusted hand into the bag.

I ate a pack of M&Ms without hiding in the garage pretending to do laundry.

Sophia and Mommy

I figured out how to sync my printer to my Chromebook. {Thank you, Youtube.}

I read some of my Erma Bombeck book on my phone without anyone asking if they could play my dice game.

I put toys away and they stayed put away. {Who knew that was even a possibility?}

I went to the grocery store and no one asked for candy or decided to crawl on the floor like an earthworm.


I watched television that wasn’t animated.

I ate food I didn’t cook and didn’t even have to share.

I listened to a podcast without someone asking who is that, what did he say, is that on your phone, how do you know him, can I listen too, that’s kinda boring, why are you listening to that, can I play your dice game?

I made it through a whole afternoon without anyone crying because someone informed them they were “in the boy book.” {I don’t even know what that means but, whatever you do, don’t let anyone “make you look.”}

sophia sleeps

And, at the end of the day, I was a little tired of myself and ready for my peeps to be home.


4 thoughts on “When the Kids are Away, the Mama will Play

  1. I usually don’t look at my laptop in the evening but I’m sure glad I did after reading this. I love the way you think and write! God has blessed you with such a gift! I’m lucky when I can put a sentence together, and don’t even wanna talk about comma splices!! I just love your whole family!!! 🙂

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  3. I love this post! I could particularly relate to how you have a long list in your head of things you’ll do when you’re alone, but then when you actually get a moment alone you can’t remember what any of them are!


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