Hide the Word (Week 5) and Nail Bitin’

Every time I prove fickle, the Lord proves faithful and I have to admit how desperate I am for his beautiful grace. He shows up, as always, and I think to myself, “Well, I certainly did not deserve that.”

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I am a nail biter of the worst kind. I go weeks, even months, with nice ladylike nails. But you can always tell when I am worrying about something because I have nothing but nubs.

When I was in high school, I was a candystriper in a nursing home. There was one female resident who was appalled at the state of my fingernails. I remember her looking at me and asking, “What do you do with the nails? Do you swallow them or take to spittin?” Clearly, neither of those options were appealing and, so, I would quickly change the subject. I could always distract Miss Ruth by asking her about the latest Harlequin romance novel she was reading. She would giggle and blush and tell me I was too young for those things.

{That story has nothing to do with anything. Just a sweet memory that popped into my mind. I am sure Miss Ruth has been gone quite some time.}


Here is our reading plan for the next seven days. We are finishing up Genesis and moving into Exodus. It may seem odd, but Exodus is really one of my favorite books. 

January 28 – Genesis 46-47

January 29 – Genesis 48-50

January 30 – Exodus 1-3

January 31 – Exodus 4-6

February 1 – Exodus 7-9

February 2 – Exodus 10-12

February 3 – Exodus 13-15

Love y’all so much. Happy reading!

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