Mom Talk Monday: To Know Him More

One of the things we, as moms, try to teach our children is responsibility. We want them to understand that there are risks and/or rewards associated with certain behaviors.

If you choose to do X, just know that Y is likely to happen.


It’s important to teach the concept of good and bad consequences. If we aren’t careful, however, we approach God that way as well.

I began this new year with a desire to spend more time in God’s Word. I chose a read-through-the-Bible plan and I’ve been checking off the little box each day. I am a big list maker and it makes me happy to see things get marked off. I began the year by reading Psalm 19:7-11. These verses outline some of the benefits of studying Scripture.





These are good things. What woman doesn’t need a little more joy in her life? Am I right?

rise and shine

So, I began my reading. And I didn’t miss a day. I should have been feeling pretty great. But I wasn’t. Where was all of the wisdom? The joy? The revival of the soul I was seeking?

Then, a friend posted a verse on Facebook and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was approaching Scripture with a what-is-in-it-for-me attitude. Okay, Lord. I did X. Now, you’re supposed to do Y. I was treating God like a claw machine in a truck stop lobby. I was putting in my quarters and holding out my hand for the prize to drop out.

I went back and read that friend’s post over and over.

Show me now your ways, that I may know you… – Exodus 33:13

heart sugar cookie

If anyone had an in with God, I think it would have been Moses. I’m pretty sure he could have asked for anything during those face to face, mountaintop conversations. Yet, what he wanted more than anything, was just to know God more.

In his book, Finding God, Larry Crabb said this.

Do I want to know him, or do I just want a way out, a way to feel better? Is there any joy in Christ apart from the blessings of godly kids, good friends, health and money? Could I make it with just him?

I’ll be honest. It gave me pause. I highlighted and moved on, but kept going back.

Could I make it with just Christ?

I had a pastor who used to say, Lord, if there was no heaven, I would have loved you anyway because you are enough.

That is my challenge for us – that we would seek God’s face more than his hand. That we would long to know his ways, not simply for rewards, but just to know him more.

Y’all are so very loved!