5 Things Friday: 5 Things I have Done Online to Make My Offline Life Better

I did something drastic, y’all.

I deleted all of the social media apps from my telephone. I have been feeling a little too distracted. I have felt too caught up in a world where folks like you when you’re funny but can turn on you faster than you can say #ishouldnothavepostedthat.

scripture doodle

I would type up a bare-my-heart blog post, hit publish and then obsessively check my phone to see if anyone liked it or hated it or if anyone viewed it at all. Suddenly, my thoughts and words were only worth the number of likes and shares they received.

Then, I went a step farther. I disabled comments on my blog. I want to write the words God gives me. I want to share messages that matter. What I don’t want is to be concerned when no one leaves a comment.

baby shoes

Sometimes, I do something I am really proud of and, wait for it, I don’t share a picture online. I don’t ever want to be the reason another woman feels discouraged at the end of the day. It’s the reason I tend to be an over-sharer online. For every post about a homemade dinner, there is also a post about some mothering faux pas I have made.

So, yes, if I spend three months making yarn pom poms, you better believe I’m posting a picture of the wreathe I made with them. Sometimes, however, I am going to say “yay me” and reward myself with a nice cup of coffee and not feel the need to tell the world.


I have a morning routine. I feed and change the baby so that she is content. I make sure there are easily accessible breakfast items for the other kids. I make a cup of coffee, grab my Bible and sit down at the computer to have a quiet time. Then, before I know it, I have answered some emails, paid some bills, caught myself up on the Facebook/Twitter happenings that took place since the last time I checked right. before. I. fell. asleep. {Hence the need to take the apps off of my phone.} You know what rarely happens during those moments? An actual quiet time.

So, I have started having my quiet time away from my computer and phone. I even leave my phone in another room. Oh, sure, I say that I’m going to just use the Bible app. The next thing I know, however, I’m caught up in an intense game of Trivia Crack. I’m a weak woman, y’all.


Finally, I’m giving myself permission to only blog when I have something to say. Maybe that seems obvious but, to be an inconsistent blogger, is deadly to one’s stats. We live in a world where people need to be constantly entertained and the moment you are not entertaining – they move on. So, I’m giving folks permission to move on if they feel the need.

I am still very much online. I happen to love Facebook and Twitter and blogs. I get to stay in touch with family I haven’t seen in years and I get to know people I would have never met in real life. I just needed to prioritize a little better. You see, I have a lot of fun online. Y’all are fabulous. But the peeps I do real life with? Well, they are quite awesome, as well.

Y’all are loved!