Because Moms are Amazing

sophia2As moms, we can list a dozen things we think we are doing wrong at any given time. For some reason, it can be harder to notice the ways in which we are amazing. So, this is my Saturday gift to you – you are amazing because…

  1. You don’t mind losing at board games. In fact, you do it on purpose.
  2. You see there are just enough cookies for the kids, so you eat a carrot instead. {Oh, I kid.}
  3. You see there are just enough cookies for the kids, so you make more cookies because you are mom and you always have cookies.
  4. You help little people crawl into your bed in the middle of the night.
  5. You greet the kids in the morning with a smile – even the ones who stole your blankets in the middle of the night.
  6. You know which kids like the strawberry Pop tarts and which ones like the chocolate and you always have both.
  7. You laugh at the punch line of the same jokes over and over. {A horse with a bad dream? Oh, nightmare! hahahaha}
  8. You always have the answer to, “Where is my…?”
  9. Your purse has more things in it than Dora’s backpack.
  10. You just began singing the backpack song from Dora.
  11. You can sleep through kids climbing into your bed, husband snoring and an alarm clock but are instantly awake at the sound of the baby’s cry.
  12. You can do pretty much anything with a child on your lap or a baby on your hip and probably with in the floor
  13. You know where they hide everything when they are supposed to clean their room and, as long as it can’t be seen from the doorway, you. don’t. care.
  14. You are not afraid to show a little crazy if someone messes with your babies.
  15. You know how to read every third page of a children’s book without your kid noticing.
  16. When someone buys your children toys, you know which ones need to disappear. {wink, wink}
  17. You will sing, dance or stand on your head to get a potty training toddler to sit on the potty.
  18. You can settle an argument, plan the week’s meals and shop online for birthday presents all while you are sitting on the potty.

Rock on, fellow mom. You’re amazing!

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